Balgreen School

School Class



Balgreen School Class, 1936-37

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ken Smith, Calgary, Alberta, Canada                                            Photographer not known


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    Balgreen School Class, 1936-37


Balgreen School Class


Thank you to Ken Smith,

Ken Smith

    Ballgreen School Class Photograph  -  Ken Smith

now living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for sending me the photograph of the school class above and for providing all the names below.  There are 49 children in this class photo!

Ken writes:

"Here is a class photo from Balgreen school, taken in either 1936 or 1937.

95% came from  streets in Whitson with the remainder from Stevenson Drive, Baird Avenue or Stevenson Road.

With the help of a couple of classmates, and strictly from memory, we are pretty sure we have identified everyone correctly.  Believe it or not, our memories are still sharp!!"

Acknowledgement:  Ken Smith:  January 19, 2007


Balgreen School Class  -  Names


Top Row left to right

Christopher Jarvie,   Lloyd Corson,   William Brodie,   Thomas, Thompson,
 Alex Gloag,  Andrew Anderson,  Jimmy Campbell,   Morris Reid,
 Alex Carson,   Charles Hendry

2nd Row left to right

Ken Smith,  Freddie Burton,  Nancy McCrum,  Minnie Grandison,
Cathy Simpson,   Maureen Casey,  Norma Alexander,  Wilma Ferguson,
 Marion Gray,   Jimmy Wheelan,   Norman Stewart

3rd Row left to right

Cathy Poole,  Audrey McNaughton,  Agnes Cameron,   Rena Adamson,
Etta McKeen,   Norna Purves,   Jean Cameron,   Irene Bryce,   Bridget  Hope,
 Isa Tighe

4th Row left to right

Yvonne Douglas,  Isobel Miller,  Chrissie Grant,  Helen Baillie,
Effie Middlemiss,  Evelyn Wilson,   Margaret Hardie,   Cathie Bowie,
Evelyn Loch,   Betty Fraser,   May Bain

Front Row left to right

Robert Moodie,   Tommy Campbell,    Duncan MacLean,   William Walker,
Douglas Spence,   Edward Porteous,    Walter Lister