Boroughmuir School

1949-50  -  Class 1C1  

Boroughmuir School, Class 1c1, 1949-50

©  D & W Prophet, Dundee.        Reproduced with acknowledgement to John E Kirkwood, Livingston


Boroughmuir School

Thank you to John E Kirkwood, for providing the photo above, and also the photo below of his class, taken two years later.  Please click on the photo below to enlarge it.

Boroughmuir School, Class 3b4, 1951-52 ©

John is a Former Pupil of Boroughmuir .  He began in class 1C1 in 1949.

John lived in the Crewe area beyond Crewe Toll.  Along with three or four of the boys from his class, he joined Ferranti Ltd and served his apprenticeship as a Tool Fitter.  He moved to Livingston, West Lothian, in 1971.  He would be keen to hear from others who remember him.

Class 1C1

John has provided almost all the names for this photo.  They are (left to right):


James Grant,  John & H Anderson,  James Mercer,  Ronnie Simpson,
Robert Emery
(?),  John Kirkwood,  William Taylor,  David Reid (?),
Ian Napier,  Alan McDonald

3rd ROW:

Elizabeth Bellock,  Sheila Sibbald,  Joyce Smith,  Elizabeth Lucker,
Shirley Travis,  Betty Tucker
(?),  Elma Hamilton,  Margaret McCormack,
Norma Black

2nd ROW:

Barbara Gordon, Margaret Lothanet,  Bethia Mackay,
Florence Crawford,  Mary McAdie
(?),  Margaret Kerr,  C(?) Main (?),
(?) McNeil,  Janice Main,  [Name?]


Charles Mundell,  Ian Fraser,  Andrew McFarlane,  George Blair,
David Bell, Selby Canale

Reg. Teacher:  Miss Margaret Matthews

John E Kirkwood, Livingston Village, West Lothian, Scotland:  March 9, 2008

John added:

"My Register teachers were

-  Class 1C1: Miss 'Maggie' Matthews, famous for her 'BLACK BOOK'.  No-one ever found out what happened if your name went into it, but she held her classes in dread of it.  There was no need for beltings or lines or detentions for her. She was for me superb. 

- Classes 2B4 & 3B4: Messrs Mitchell (Science) Thomson (History) & dear old 'Bob' Lowe who had been shell-shocked during the war and who would speak, point & talk to three different people all at one time.

Between those years I played Rugby & Cricket for the 6th-4th teams under PT teachers Messrs Ronchetti and  'Tas' Taylor, while George Johnstone (Tech)  also supervised Rugby.

It would be interesting if any info could be found of that era.

Here's hoping we can learn more of the whereabouts and happenings of some of our old classmates."

John E Kirkwood, Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland:  March 9, 2008

John's wife, Irene (née Bryce), has also contacted the EdinPhoto web site recently, concerning the photograph of  Royston Primary School (below) and her friends in Broughton Secondary School School.

A class at Royston Primary School  -  1946 ©

Contacting John or Irene

If you would like to contact John or Irene, please email me, and I'll pass on your message to them.

Thank you.            -  Peter Stubbs:  March 30, 2008.


Update  -  January 2009

John E Kirkwood subsequently wrote:


"Last year you posted a couple of photos of my classes from Boroughmuir Sen Sec, circa 1949-52.  In Nov 2008, I received an e-mail from one of my classmates who is in both photos,  Jim Mercer.

He is now in Hamilton Ontario and  is planning to come back to 'Auld Reekie' in March/April 2009.  So, hopefully we will be able to meet up then after so long.

Hopefully some of our other classmates who are lying 'dormant' at present will see this & get in touch so that we can have a reunion of sorts for a natter."

 John E Kirkwood, Livingston Village, West Lothian, Scotland:
  Message in EdinPhoto guest book Jan 13 + 28, 2009


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