School Class at

James Clark School

St Leonard's, Edinburgh


A school class at James Cark School, St Leonards, 1955

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Ballantyne, Boswall Edinburgh.                                                  Photographer not known

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   A school class at James Cark School, St Leonards, 1955


James Clark School


Thank you to John Ballantyne who lived in Arthur Street, Dumbiedykes and now lives in Boswall, Edinburgh, for allowing me to reproduce the photograph above.

John tells me that this photograph would would have been taken in 1955 and that the pupils in it would have attended James Clark School from 1953 to 1956.

Thank you, John, providing the names of several of the pupils.  These are shown in red on the table below.

August 31, 2007.

More Names

Thank you to Ron Scott, now living in Australia, for looking over the photo with George Hay and coming up with many of the missing names.  Thank you Ron and George for telling me several more names of the pupils in the photo.  These are shown in green on the table below.

January 14, 2008

Two More Names

Thank you to Neil Daniel, now living in Ceres, Fife, Scotland for telling me several more names of the pupils in the photo - including his own name!  These are shown in blue on the table below.

July 21, 2009

Anybody Else?

If you recognise anybody else on this photograph, please e-mail me.

Thank you.


James Clark School

Names:  left to right in each row


Back Row

Middle Row

Front Row


Jimmy Holgate


Allan Costello


Sam Hewitt

Neil Danniel

Frankie White


John Ballantyne


Billy Nicholson


Rab Reid

Vittorio (Victor) Pacitti

Harry Robertson ***
Or is it Ronald Robertson?  (No!)


G Markland?

George Valance

Billy Rennie



Robert Skinner

Ronald Scott


George Lawson

Ernie McLaren

Dougie Cannon


Andrew Gray

Jimmy Downie

Jimmy Boyd


George Cunningham

Charlie Foley

George Johnstone *



Ken Johnstone *



Thank you for providing the names above:

RED NAMES:  John Ballantyne.   

GREEN NAMES:  Ron Scott and George Hay.

Ron adds: "The spelling of the names of the Johnstone cousins may be wrong."

BLUE NAMES:  Neil Danniel

*** Peter Quinn commented  "This boy looks like my uncle, Ronald Robertson." 
He then wrote again after checking with the family and told me:  "In fact, it's not Ronald, although the likeness is amazing.".



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