Abbeyhill Primary School


School class  -  1946

Abbeyhill Primary School Class - 1946

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ken Smith, Calgary, Alberta, Canada                                            Photographer not known


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    Abbeyhill Primary School Class - 1946 ©


Abbeyhill Primary School


Thank you to Irene Ferguson (née Smith), Fernieside, Edionburgh

Irene Ferguson

    Photograph of Irene Ferguson, taken from a 1946 class photo of children at Abbeyhill Primary School ©

for sending me the photograph above of a class of 45 pupils at Abbeyhill Primary School, taken in 1946.

Irene wrote:

"This is a photo of Abbeyhill Primary 1946, which i attended when i was 5 years old.  I am the little girl third from the left hand side on the back row."

Acknowledgement:  Irene Ferguson, Fernieside, Edinburgh, August 22, 2008