Members of the band

'The Andy Russell Seven'

dressed as

'Ali Ben the Hoose and the Tauregs'

for a gig in the Borders


 Some of 'The Andy Russell Seven' group performing at 'The Imperial Hotel', Leith Walk, in the early-1960s

Andy Wishart, leader of the Andy Russell Seven band


'Ali Ben the Hoose and the Tauregs'

Andy Wishart, leader of the Andy Russell Seven band, wrote:

The Borders

"In between playing at:

Imperial Hotel, Mondays thru Thursdays and

-  our weekly gig at Bungies on Sundays

the Andy Russell Seven used to work for the Border Dances Company on Fridays and Saturdays, and travel to play at dances from Ardrossan in the west to Hexham just over the border in the east."

Ali Ben the Hoose and the Tauregs

"Some of the English groups had rather exotic names so, rather than be left out, I decided to rent some theatrical outfits in Edinburgh and do a bit of dressing up on our next trip south of the border to Carlisle.

We thought 'Ali Ben the Hoose and the Tauregs' would sound a bit  different and may even pull in a crowd.

The photograph above is one that I took of the Andy Russell Band en route to Carlisle, being silly.  It  shows the Tauregs relieving Dave Ewart, our drummer, of an old fashioned 1 note at the Devil's Beeftub near Moffat.

Andy Wishart, Staffordshire, England:  April 12, 2009

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