Baird Drive


Around 1930

   Three boys in Baird Drive, around 1930

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Maurice McIlwrick - a photo from the 'Baird Drive Nostalgia Project'


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  Three boys in Baird Drive, around 1930


Baird Drive


Thank you to Maurice McIlwrick for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of his older brother, Eric, holding the cricket bat, taken in Baird Drive around 1930.

The boy on the right is Billy Richardson.  Who is the boy on the left?

Maurice added:

"This was a serious game of cricket in Baird Drive, with wickets drawn on the lamp post."

Baird Drive Nostalgia Project

This is one of the images from the 'Baird Drive Nostalgia Project', a project currently being co-ordinated by Maurice McIlwrick.

This project has been trying to see what can be remembered about the people who lived in Baird Drive, around 1930, when the houses were newly built.


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