Pre-school Playgroup

Pupils - around 1952

Blackhall Pre-school Playgroup - pupils around 1952

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Mike Hunter                                                                                    Photographer not known




Mike Hunter

Thank you to Mike Hunter for allowing me to reproduce this photograph.

Mike wrote:

Around 1968

"I have been scanning some old photos recently and I wondered if this one might interest you.  I guess it would have been taken in 1952.

I lived in Blinkbonny Crescent and went to this pre-school playgroup somewhere in Blackhall.   It took place in the wooden hut behind us in this photo.

 I am in the middle of the back row with the highest feathers. Two to my right is Douglas Campbell who was my pal and also lived in Blinkbonny Crescent.  I canít name any of the other names!"

Mike Hunter:  16 December 2018