Bonnington Road

School Class


Around 1968  -  Year Seven

Bonnington Road School Class  -  Around 1968

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to James Brown, Western Australia, Australia                                  Photographer not known


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    Bellevue School Class - Boys - 1930-ish


Bonnington Road School, Leith

Thank you to James Brown, Western Australia, for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of his daughter's class. taken at Bonnington Road School around 1968, and for also providing the names of the pupils in the table below.

This is the first photo that I have seen of a class from Bonnington Road School in Leith.

James wrote:

Around 1968

"My daughter tells me that this class was 'Year Seven' and that the Form Teacher was Miss Skene."

James Brown, Western Australia, Australia:  November 3+14+15, 2012


Bonnington Road School, Leith

Around 1968

The names of the pupils, left to right in each row, are


Back Row

2nd Row

3rd Row

Front Row

1 Margaret Booth David Forfar Jenny Wright Michael Werman
2 Lynne Brown George McCarthy Carol-Anne McCluskey John Alison
3 Wilma Campbell Colin Davidson Ann Dickson William Allan
4 Morag Richardson Ian Flannigan Dawn Allison Ronnie Brown
5 Yvonne Thompson David Rodger Liz Ross Ian Ross
6 Jackie Welsh Neil McManus Ann Kowalski  
7   Jim McLelland Lorna Wheeligan  
8     Fiona McGoochan  

Acknowledgement for all above names:  James Brown, Western Australia:  November 3+14, 2012




Fiona McGoochan

Thank you to Fiona McGoochan who wrote:

Outside Dr Bell's School

"A friend told me about this site and lo and behold, here is a photo of my Primary 7 class at Bonnington Primary (1968).

Just to clarify - this photograph was taken outside Dr Bell's school in Great Junction Street, Leith, which housed P6 & P7 pupils of Bonnington.

Also, the class teacher was MRS Skene.

Those were the days!  I've  often wondered what became of my class mates.

Thank you to James Brown for sending this photo to the site."

Fiona McGoochan:  March 2, 2014