Bowling Club

Where was this photo taken?

Photo taken by CE Ross
 who had a studio at 16 St Bernard's Row, Stockbridge, Edinburgh in 1901

Summerside Bowling Club and Church

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Lynne Browne, Cambridge, Maryland, USA


Which Bowling Club?

The Bowlers

Thank you to Lynne Browne for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of five bowlers, including her Grandfather, Tom Hambleton.  Lynne tells me that her grandfather was Tom Hambleton from Liverpool.  He is the man in the centre of the photo.

He later emigrated to the USA to work on an estate in New York, and married Annie Paton who had grown up at Spittalfield on the River Tay at Scotland.

The Photographer

The photo bears the name, CE Ross, 16 St Bernard's Row, Edinburgh.

St Bernard's Row is at Stockbridge, about a mile to the NW of the centre of Edinburgh.  CE Ross had a studio at this address for one year only, 1901.


Do you know where this photo might have been taken, or do you know anything about Tom Hambleton or any of the others in the photo?


If you can help to answer any of the questions above, please email me, then I'll pass on your answers to Lynne.    Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  May 30, 2010