28th Edinburgh

Boys' Brigade Company

Football Team    1960

1st Leith Boys' Brigade Company   -  Water Polo Team, 1916-17

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Andy Wanstall, Swanston, Edinburgh




Andy Wanstall

Swanston, Edinburgh

Thank you to Andy Wanstall for sending me the photo above of he Boys' Brigade football team, taken around 1960.  Andy sent this photo after reading other recollections of this football team in the Craigmillar Recollections pages.

The photo that Andy sent, above, is rather contrasty, but I found the photo and comments about it to be interesting, so I've included it on this page of the web site.

Andy wrote:

Football Team

Boys' Brigade Team

"Here is a photo of Boys' Brigade 28th Edinburgh Company football team."

Andrew Dorward

"Andrew Dorward (who recently contributed to the Craigmillar Recollections page on the EdinPhoto web site) is one of the players in this team.  He is kneeling in the front row on the extreme right."

Cairntow Park

"This photo was taken at Cairntow Park, Craigmillar, around 1960."

Jackie Leitch

"Jackie Leitch, captain of this team built up a formidable size company, encouraging and passing hundreds of local youths through his ranks.

It's good to hear from Andrew again.   I hope he still polishes-up the Cross Country Gold Medal that he won for the Edinburgh Battalion at Aberdeen. He should have had a Post-Box painted gold for that achievement !!"

Andy Wanstall, Swanston, Edinburgh (ex.-BB, Edin. 28th Company),:  Jan 27+29, 2013


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