Broughton School

Chess Club Members   -   1970

Broughton High School, Class 3a2 in1949

  Andrew Mitchell.  Andrew was in Class S6 at Broughton when he took this photo of Broughton Chess Club Members in1970


Broughton School

Chess Club Members  -  1970

Thank you to Andrew Mitchell for allowing me to reproduce this photo.

Andrew wrote:


"I took this photo in 1970 when I was in class S6 at Broughton. school.  The photo was taken during an after-school Chess Club in Mr Thornburn's  (Ecky's) Physics Lab.

Dick Martin, Borders, Scotland:  April 14, 2009

Are You in this Photo?

Do you recognise yourself in this photo?  If so, please email me with any recollections you have of Broughton High School, and let me know if you would be happy to be named in the photo above.

Andrew can name those in the photo, but thought it might be a bit intrusive to  add the names to this page without the permission of those concerned.

Peter Stubbs  December 2, 2010


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