Broughton Secondary School Choir


Usher Hall



Around 1957

Broughton Secondary School Choir at Usher Hall, around 1957

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1950  OR  AROUND 1952-53?

Broughton Secondary School Choir at Usher Hall, around 1952

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   Broughton Secondary School Choir at Usher Hall, around 1952 ©


Broughton Secondary School Choir

Thank you to David Pettigrew who wrote:

Usher Hall

"I attended Broughton Senior Secondary for 6 years, and found it very interesting!

Photo 1 above is a photograph of the school choir in the Usher Hall circa 1953 **.  The conductress is Miss Caldwell and the pianist Ronald Stevenson, in these days a famous Scottish composer/ conductor.

From the left of the picture I am in the second row from the back, number eight."

David Pettigrew, Epsom, Surrey:  December 27+28, 2011

**  But see also 'Reply 1' below




Douglas Taylor

Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Thank you to Douglas Taylor who read David Pettigrew's comments about the Photo 1 above, then replied:


"David Pettigrew, above, describes this photo as 'circa 1953'.

In fact, it was taken a few years after that.  I am in the photo and didn't attend Broughton Secondary School until 1955.  Also, the pianist, Ronald Stevenson, did not arrive at Broughton until, at the earliest, 1956.  A Mr Cochrane was his predecessor.

The photo would probably have been taken in 1957.

Elsie Caldwell, Head of the Music Department at that time, is conducting the boy treble choir in Handel's 'Do you not hear my Lady, Go down the garden singing'.

I was one of these trebles  - or 'terribles' as we were sometimes referred to!"

Douglas Taylor, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland:  January 30, 2012




Archie Foley

Joppa, Edinburgh

Thank you to Archie Foley for sending me Photo 2 above,  another photo of the Broughton Secondary School Choir at the Usher Hall

 Archie wrote:

1952 or 1953.

"Photo 2 above was taken in either 1952 or 1953, the year I left school.  I'm inclined towards 1952 as the year

-  I am at top second from the right.

 Miss Caldwell is conducting.

-   Miss Orr is at the piano.

-   Mr Cochrane had come to the school shortly before I left.  I think he was organist/choirmaster at South Leith Church.

We never had that huge board with the school badge, seen in Photo 1 above, all the time that I was at the school.

Archie Foley, Joppa, Edinburgh:  February 6, 2012




Fiona Gray (née Purves)

I had originally given a caption 'AROUND 1952' to Photo 2 above.

Archie Foley believes that the photo was taken 1952 or 1953.

However, Fiona Gray has now given a date of 1950.

Fiona wrote:


"In fact, Photo 2 was taken in 1950 as I am in the 1st Year Choir standing on the platform with others in my class.  e.g. Willie Samuel and Annette Morrison.  

Our music teacher on the rostrum was Miss Caldwell and Miss Orr is at the piano."

Fiona Gray (née Purves):  22 April 2013


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