Brown Brothers



Earl's Court 'Marinex' Show

Brown Brothers, Edinburgh  -  Earls Court

  Thank yuo to Patrick Lindsay, Australia, for providing this photo, and to Rolls Royce Marine for allowing me to reproduce it.


Earl's Court 'Marinex' Show  -  1973

Thank you to Patrick Lindsay, Australia, for sending me this photo:

    Brown Brothers Team at Earls Court, 1973

Patrick wrote:

The Photo

"In this photo, are (left to right):

-  Derek Muir, Browns Technical Director

-  Sam Coward, Browns Stabilisers/ Steering Gear Project Manager

-  ?, Browns Sales Manager

-  (next four). ?, ?, ?, ? Browns Technical Sales people

-  (myself) Electric Engineering support to the Sales Team.

I was lucky enough to be included in this team for the Earl's Court show, being the electronics engineering/development rep for the then new stabiliser control system.

I was actually employed by Findlay Irvine Ltd., electronic engin-eers, based at Penicuik.  They were design consultants to Browns for this project, as well as having many of their own products."

Patrick Lindsay, Australia:  July 13, 2011

Reply to Patrick

Patrick added:

"I would be pleased to hear from any of the people in this photo or from their families, or from any other members of the stabilisers team at Browns, with whom I had many memorable times in the office, the lab and at sea.

Some photos of the sizeable main workshop/ test area/ erecting shop at Browns would be really great to see.  Does anybody have any?

Patrick Lindsay, Australia:  July 13, 2011

Reply to Patrick

If you'd like to send a reply to Patrick, please email me, than I'll pass your message on to him.  Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  July18, 2011




Patrick Lindsay


Thank you to Patrick Lindsay who replied:

Brown Brothers

    Brown Brothers Team at Earls Court, 1973

"It will be interesting to see if anybody responds to the photo above.  Perhaps we'll get to read some of the stories of Browns in its heyday.

I believe that Brown's stabilisers were on the old Ark Royal and the QE2, to mention just two."

Patrick Lindsay, Australia:  July 13, 2011




Innes McOwan


Thank you to Innes McOwan who replied:


"I was Contracts Manager at the time this photograph was taken.

    Brown Brothers Team at Earls Court, 1973

Reading the picture from left to right, of the Brown Brothers personnel, we have (with the positions they held at the time).

-  Derek P Muir

Willie Inglis (Sales Engineer}

Bill Inglis (Sales Manager)*

Agnes Reed (Secretary)

Jim McNeill (Sales Engineer).

Also these who have since died:

-  Sam Coward

-  John Watt

Eddie Johnston.

There is some dispute amongst my colleagues about this - but I am convinced this is Bill Inglis.  (Bill, can you shed any light on this?)

Rolls Royce

"The rump of the company in now part of Rolls-Royce, based near Dunfermline in Fife.  They continue to supply stabilisers and steering gears.

For the record there was no stabiliser on the old Ark Royal - catapults yes. They have however provided the stabilisers for the new carriers that are currently being built.


We are holding our 4th Reunion Lunch on April 22nd when quite a few of us 'oldies' will be getting together. Vic Carter (Stabiliser Design), who some may remember, is still to the fore as are Jack McArthur & Peter Tracey. We are expecting about 80 at the Lunch.


If any of the foregoing is incorrect, no doubt my colleagues will do the necessary!

Innes McOwan:  January 27, 2012


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