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The Carlton Orchestra


Ramage & Ferguson workers, 1927

   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Claire Graham, granddaughter of Bill Brunton on the piano


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    Ramage & Ferguson workers, 1927




Claire Graham

Claire Graham wrote:

The Carlton Orchestra

"Here is a photo of The Carlton Orchestra.

Ramage & Ferguson workers, 1927

My grandfather, William (Bill) Brunton is playing the piano in this photo.

It's possible that the man playing the violin was Harry Desson and that the drummer was Stungo.

Does anybody recognise the men playing the saxophone or the trombone

I don't know whether or not the band's name was connected with a hotel or dance hall.  I would be very greatful for any information that anybody could give me."

Claire Graham:  July 18 + 21, 2014

Reply to Clare Graham

If you have any comments about this photo and would like to send a message to  Clare Graham, please email me to let me know, then I'll pass on her email address to you.

Peter Stubbs , Edinburgh:  July 24, 2014


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