Couper Street

Primary School

Admiralty Street, Leith


A class at Cooper Street Primary School, Leith - 1947

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Bert Rutherford, Australia                                                      .       Photographer not known


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     A class at Cooper Street Primary School, Leith - 1947


Couper Street Primary School

Thank you to Bert Rutherford, Australia for providing this photo.

Bert wrote


"This school photo was taken in 1947 at Couper Street Primary School in Admiralty Street, Leith.  I was five years old when the photo was taken."


"My wife and I migrated from Edinburgh, me from sunny Leith,  my wife from Lochend/Craigentinny.

We got married in January,1965, and migrated on 13 June, 1965.  We now  live in Melbourne, Australia."

Meeting Again

"Two years ago, I met this chap, Tom Day, at a dance in Melbourne.

We heard each other's accent and started talking.  We worked out that we both used to live in Commercial Street, Leith; we were both born in June 1942; and we both started at Couper Street, School.

He said, he had a school photo taken in 1947.  He emailed it to me and told me he was standing on the far left, and I was 4th from the left.  It's the only school photo that I have."

Bert Rutherford, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:  March 25 + 31 and April 1, 2008

Photo Restored

I have been able to do a little restoration to this photo, but have not been able to replace the face of the boy, 3rd from left, whose face has been completely lost.

-  Peter Stubbs:    April 10, 2008


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