Class at Infant Annexe

Around 1950-51

Craiglockhart Class - possibly before Craiglockhart Primary school  -  Around 1950-51

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Janice Wilson, (née Hall) Tweedbank, Borders, Scotland              Photographer not known


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     Craiglockhart Class - possibly before Craiglockhart Primary school  -  Around 1950-51 ©


Craiglockhart Class

Thank you to Jan Wilson for allowing me to reproduce this photo.

Jan wrote:

Around 1950

"I believe that this photo would have been taken around 1950.

As I remember, this was a pre-school class that we attended before we went up to Craiglockhart Primary."

Janice Wilson (née Hall):  September 3+17, 2011



Can anybody else help me understand what class this was?  I am not sure how to interpret Jan's reference to a 'pre-school class' above.

At what age would the pupils have attended the 'pre-school class'?  The pupils in the photo above look to me to be perhaps about 7 years old.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  September 20, 2011



Thank you to Lynda Maine for explaining:

"When we started at Craiglockhart, at the age of five, it was at the Infant Annexe.

At age seven, we moved  to the  bigger school in Ashley and met up with rest of the class that went to the Infant school at Craiglockhart.

Lynda Maine, Colinton Mains, Edinburgh:  September 25, 2011



Craiglockhart Class

Infant Annexe

Thank you to Janice Wilson (née Hall) for also telling me the names of many of the pupils in this photo:

Craiglockhart Class - possibly before Craiglockhart Primary school  -  Around 1950-51 ©

They are (left to right):


Top Row

2nd row

3re Row

4th Row

Front Row


    Carol Menelaws   Avril Anderson


Michael Cossar   Christine Davison Avril Houliston Dudley Clark


    Lynda Maine Maureen Porterfield  


      Janice Friedman Elizabeth Davis/Davies


Alistair Borthwick   Avril Graham Maureen Connolly  


  Douglas Newbigging? Eleanor Grieve Lilian Wilson  


  Mrs Rae (Teacher) Irene Johnson Irene Sturrock  



Janice Hall

Janis Hall


Acknowledgement for providing the names above:

-  Names in black:  Janice Wilson (née Hall), Tweedbank, Borders, Scotland:  September 23, 2011

-  Names in red:     Lynda Maine, Colinton Mains, Edinburgh:  December 10, 2012

Lynda tells me that she and Janis Hall got in touch with each other by email last year, after this photo appeared on the web site, and that they are still in contact with each other.  She would like to hear from others in the photo.  If you would like to contact her, please email me, then I'll pass on her email address to you.

-  Names in green:  Maureen Connolly (who recognised herself in Fair Isle sweater):  Sep 9, 2014


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