Cumberland Street


Which Group was this?  -  and when?

   Group Outing  -  Cumberland Street.  Do you know which group this was and when the photo might have been taken?

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Nigel Baxter, Boston, Lincolnshire, England


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    Group Outing  -  Cumberland Street.  Do you know which group this was and when the photo might have been taken? ©


Broughton Place

Which Outing?

This group consists almost entirely of women, with just two men almost hidden at the top right.  Perhaps they are the coach driver and his mate!

Note the name 'CUMBERLAND STREET' on the lantern of the lamp post.

Thank you to Nigel Baxter for allowing me to reproduce:

a)  the photo above, taken at Broughton Place, Edinburgh

b)  other photos of church outings, taken in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

These photos come from medium format negatives that Nigel acquired as a 'job lot' in an auction following a house clearance.

Nigel is trying to discover who the photographer might have been and which groups are in the photos..

Acknowledgement:  Nigel Baxter, Boston, Lincolnshire, England

Reply to Nigel?

If you think you can provide any answers for Nigel, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to him.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh: October 28, 2011




Ian Shaw

Northumberland, England

Thank you to Ian Shaw who wrote:


"I cannot help with identifying the group, but the photograph was taken outside nos. 75-79 Cumberland Street.

There are two churches across the road (in St Vincent Street) - St Vincent's Church and St Stephens Church."

Ian Shaw: Northumberland, England:  April 6, 2012




Veronica Nicholson


Thank you to Veronica Nicholson who wrote:

Church Outing

"I think that this is St Mary’s Star of the Sea (Leith) Church Outing.

The lady kneeling at the front is May Leitch - married name Davidson. Her sister Nan Leitch and her mother Annie (Owens) Leitch are also in the photo.

Annie Leitch is the old lady at the centre - small with black hat pulled down over forehead. She is seen just behind the accordionist (over her right shoulder)

Nan is behind her mother - stretching up to see the camera - dark hair.

-   May was married and stayed in Cumberland Street .    It's likely that they were picking her up on the way to their outing."

Veronica Nicholson, Edinburgh: 14 Feb + 23 Jun + 28 Jun 2017


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