Daniel Stewart's


Combined Cadet Force

Around 1951

Daniel Stewart's College  -  Combined Cadet Force, around 1951

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Christopher Wood (who provided the photo)

  Reproduced by courtesy of Evening News.   Click here for web site details.


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    Daniel Stewart's College  -  Combined Cadet Force, around 1951




Christopher Wood

Thank you to Christopher Wood for sending me this photograph.

Christopher wrote:

Combined Cadet Force

"This photo shows the RAF Section of the Combined Cadet Force marching past in the playground of Daniel Stewart's College.  The photo was taken around 1951, my last year at the school.

-  An unknown officer, probably  from Dreghorn Barracks, takes the salute

-  In this image we see the Headmaster Dr Robbie ('Beeky Bob') on the extreme left of the frame.

-  I also remember Mr 'Bandy' Forsyth in the Glengarry cap.

Another teacher of Chemistry is there in a Glengarry.  His name may have been Mr Neil.

The Squad

"Heading the squad is Alpin Macgregor.  I am in the centre of the front rank. The only other person I can identify is Douglas Bain, in the rank behind and to the left.

This kind of activity, and in particular target rifle shooting on the  school .22 covered range and on the ranges behind Dreghorn Barracks, shooting the .303 Service Rifle, introduced me to an activity that I  continue to this day.

I must have met Alpin  Macgregor after I left school when he told me of his experiences flying over Egypt during the Suez Crisis. His comment was that the the MiG fighters there were being flown so skilfully that they must have been flown by Russians.

In the background can be seen parents including Mr & Mrs Brown. Their son, Ian, must have been on parade, and my mother is seen holding on to her hat on what must have been a windy day."

The School

"The photo shows the rear of the school's S.E. corner.  On the ground floor  were Chemistry labs and at first floor level was the English Department, presided over by Dr Rintoul, a truly inspirational teacher.  He and Mr Skinner published a book of poetry for schools, called 'The Poet's Quair'."

Christopher Wood, near Kelso, Borders, Scotland:  May 26, 2011 (3 emails)


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