Daniel Stewart's


Junior School, Class 4B  -  1950-51

Daniel Stewart's College  -  Class 4B, 1950-51

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Alan Watson , Edinburgh (who provided the photo)
and Trevor Yerbury (for permission to reproduce it)     
  ER Yerbury & Son


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    Danel Stewart's College  -  Class 4B, 1950-51




Alan Watson


Thank you to Alan Watson for providing this photograph of Class 4B at Daniel Stewart's College, Junior School, taken in 1950-51.

Alan wrote:

Class 4B

"I am first from the right in the front row, and a friend of those days, Graham Henderson, is first from the left in the same row.

I thought it might be of passing interest for you see a couple of lads who used to play in the back garden of his home at 68 Great King Street before the Edinburgh Photographic Society acquired it!

Also in the photo:

-  3rd from the left in the front row; my serious rival for smallest in the class, and now better known for his cycle-route books, Harry Henniker.

-  4th from the right in the back row, another close friend, the late Stuart Henry, one of the first "pirate radio" and Radio 1 disc jockeys.

Alan Watson, Edinburgh:  August 15, 2009




Alan Watson


Thank you to Alan Watson who wrote again:

Class 4B

"I don't know what the 'B' suffix stood for.  Alan Erasmuson is fourth from the left in the second back row.  He was Dux of the School, 1959 -60.  Hardly 'second division'.


"This class photo may be unique as it includes the headmaster Dr H J L Robbie.  Our regular teacher was indisposed on that particular day."


"Stewart's Melville College came about as a merger of Daniel Stewart's College, Melville College, and about 58% of the pupils of John Watson's School when the latter closed and was officially incorporated into George Watson's College."

Alan Watson, Edinburgh:  August 16, 2009


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