School Class at

Flora Stevenson's School

Comely Bank


A Class at Flora Stevenson's School, Comely Bank, Edinburgh  -  1954

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Isabel Baker (née Munro), USA                                                     Photographer Norman Watson




Robert Baker and

Isabel Baker (née Munro)

Brooklyn, Connecticut, USA

Flora Stevenson's School  -  c.1954

Thank you to Robert Baker for sending me this photograph is of a class at Flora Stevenson's School, Comely Bank, Edinburgh, taken around 1954.

The photo belongs to Robert's wife,  Isabel Baker (née Munro).

Acknowledgement:  Isabel Baker (née Munro), Brooklyn, Connecticut, USA:  May 9, 2008




Ian Murray

Thank you Ian Murray who saw this photo, and wrote:

That's Me!

"I'm the wee smiling boy bottom right hand corner.  My wife is Barbara Scott next row up 3rd from left in the dark pinafore dress.  We still live in Edinburgh."


"The other pupils that I recognise in this photo are:

 -  Alan Headspeath

-  Allan Kelly

-  Alfie Mitchieson

-  Derek Ulke

-  Tam Abbot

-  Brian Sandilands (dec.)

-  Sidney Maitland, who had a gird (hoop).

-  Andy Flockhart

-  Stan Sutherland

-  Tam Cairns

-  Anne Clabbie

-  Sonia Stacy

-  Marlene McLeod

-  Sadie Harrison

-  Linda Orr

-  Ann Blythe

As I am writing this other names are coming to us. no doubt I've got some wrong"


"The teacher was Miss / Mrs Smith.

The teacher after her, who took us to the 'Qualy' was Miss Olive Inglis.  We gave her a powder compact when we left."

Bussed from Drylaw

"We were bussed every day from the White Church in Drylaw (where we were married in 1968).

We were put in the huts out the back of the school, the there was no integration between us & the posh kids.

The playground was boy / girl segregated."

Ian Murray, Edinburgh:  August 18, 2008




Robert Baker

Brooklyn, Connecticut, USA

Robert Baker was a former member of the USAF at RAF at Kirknewton, near Edinburgh, in the early 1960s, wrote.  He wrote:

Isabel Munro

"The photo at the top of this page belongs to my wife.  I can name some more pupils in the photo.

They are:

2nd ROW, 2nd from left:  Isabel Munro (now my wife) from Drylaw.

3rd ROW, 2nd from right:  Christine Cadger

3rd ROW, far right:  Nancy Bain

Robert Baker, Brooklyn, Connecticut, USA: August 20, 2008.




Liz Miller

Jersey, Channel Islands

Thank you to Liz Miller who wrote:

Isabel Munro

"I think the boy in the back row, 3rd from the teacher, could be my cousin, Ian Stafford."

Liz Miller, Jersey, Channel Islands:  September 2, 2009




Mike Headspeath

Thank you to Mike Headspeath, formerly of Drylaw, Edinburgh for posting this message in the EdinPhoto guest book.

Mike wrote:

Alan Headspeath

"I received an e mail from my cousin in Towoomba, Australia.  She pointed out the my brother, Alan Headspeath, is mentioned above.

I've examined the photo and I can confirm, without hesitation:

BOTTOM ROW, 1st left:  Alan Headspeath

I, myself, went to Ainsley Park School several years later.

Mike Headspeath:  Message posted in EdinPhoto web site:  June 27, 2010


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