Fort Street School


New Year 1960

Forth Street School, Infants - New Year 1960
©   Reproduced with acknowledgement to David Robb, London                                                                           Photographer not known


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    Forth Street School, Infants - New Year 1960 ©




David Robb



Thank you to David Robb for sending me this photo of the infants at Fort Street School, Leith.

David is the boy with dark hair, furthest to the right in this photo.  His sister is also in the photo.  She is the girl centre-left with the white bow in her hair.

David wrote:

New Year 1960

"The photo was taken at New Year 1960.  The photo is of the Infants at Fort Street school.  It was not a very big school.

Being only four years old, I don't remember much about my time at Fort Street.  I lived in Argyll Street, round the corner, at the time."

David Robb, London, England:  August 10+11, 2011

David added:

Who Else is in this Photo?

"I hope somebody recognises themself here. It would be nice to see who else is in this photo."

David Robb, London, England:  August 12, 2011

Another Photo

Here is another photo of the Infants at Fort Street School, that David sent to me.

Christmas 1959

    Forth Street School, Infants - Christmas 1959 ©



David Thomas

Thank you to David Thomas for sending me the message below about this photo:

   Forth Street School, Infants - New Year 1960 ©

David wrote:

David Thomas

"I may be mistaken, but I think Iím the one in front of the two female teachers - under the ''u' in 'Guid'.

I was Dux in either 1961 or 1962.  (My memory's going.)"

Bill Murray

"The big lad standing to attention at the other side is definitely Billy Murray.  He looked just the same when I saw him at his fiftieth birthday."

David Thomas:  October 4, 2011


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