Hyvot Bank School



Hyvot Bank school class  -  1968-69

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Forbes Wilson, near Guildford, Surrey, England                                 Photographer not known.


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   Hyvot Bank school class  -  1968-69


Hyvot Bank School

Thank you to Forbes Wilson for sending me this photo.  I don't know whether this is an official school photo or not.  The photographer is not named on the photo, but has certainly captured some interesting expressions - one boy in particular!

Forbes has provided the names of all the children in the photo.  They are:

BACK ROW: Miss Shanley, Annette McPhail, Elaine Tuckey, Florence Gladwin, Rosalind Adamson, Caroline Faichnie, Christine Maxwell, Jacqueline Hunter, Beverly Allen, Catherine McSherry.

THIRD ROW: Margaret McFarlane, Forbes Wilson, Alan Wright, Brian Dickson, Gordon Dick, George Blackley, Stephen Lawson, Alex Baillie, Albert Coates, Francis Grant, Lindsay Thompson.

SECOND ROW: Lesley Thompson, Jeanette Dougall, Jacqueline Bunt, Janice Main, Isobel Johnstone, Rose Jack, Elaine Edwards, Carol Walmsley, Elizabeth Warburton, Lorraine Bilton, Lesley Cockburn, Brenda Lunn.

FRONT ROW:  Robin Thompson, Gordon McIntosh, Harry Knight, George Lowe, Thomas Swan, Peter Thompson, Johnny Richards, James Sim. 


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