School Class at

James Clark School

St Leonard's

Class 2C1A    -    1961

School class 2C1A at James Clerk School, St Leonards, 1961

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Cathie Forman

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    School class 2C1A at James Clerk School, St Leonards, 1961 ©


James Clark School

Thank you to Cathie Forman for providing this photo of class 2C1A at James Clark School, taken in 1961.

Cathie says she cannot remember the names of any of the boys in this photo, but she has provided the names of several of the girls.  See below:


James Clark School

Class 2C1A - 1961

Names:  left to right in each row


Back Row

Middle Row

Front Row



Jocelyn Smith

Helen Campbell


Alex Lockhart


Cathy Monohan


Dave Elgin


Anne Luke


David Elgin
Gordon Allan

Margo Holman

Anne Davidson



Lorraine Ainge

? Tate
Christine Forbes


John Spence

Margaret ?

Marilyn Laidlaw


John Bissett

Mary Hunt

Veronica Young


David Pinkerton

Marcia / Martha Tait

Joan ?
Helen Flannigan


Charles Williamson

Catherine Hagart

Norma Davidson
Norma Pollock






- NAMES IN BLACK:         Cathie Forman (née Hagart):  August 10, 2008
- NAMES IN RED:              Dave Elgin, Dundee, Tayside, Scotland;  Oct 9, 2008 + Jan 6, 2009
- NAMES IN BLUE:            Margaret Little, née Holman (Margo)
- NAMES IN GREEN:         John C Spence, Silverknowes, Edinburgh, January 5, 2009
- NAMES IN DARK BLUE:  Irene Beaver (née Brown), Kirkliston, Edinburgh, January 22, 2009



Dave Elgin

Dundee, Tayside, Scotland

Thank you to Dave Elgin, now living and working as a Maths Teacher in Dundee for providing three of the boys' names in the photograph above.

Dave wrote:


"I attended South Bridge School from 1953 to 1960, and then moved onto James Clark School from 1960 to 1963.

We lived in the Pleasance at number 94 in the top flat of the tenement block and actually played in the area behind the block.

Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  Waste ground behind The Pleasance ©

I have happy memories of primary school, and in particular I recall Miss Heatherwick and a Miss Lockhart who taught me for a few years.

On moving to James Clark I remember the maths teachers Mr Kerr and Mr Dixon and the English teacher Mr Malcolm. I also remember being taught metalwork and woodwork neither of which I was any good at. It came as a surprise to me at the age of fifteen to be awarded the dux medal for Science in the school.  I still have that medal to this day.

My older brother John and my sister Annette also attended the same schools as I did."



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