Bobby Kernan

and Friends


Photograph from Los Angeles Portrait Studios, 75 Princes Street  -  Bobby Kernan and Friends

Los Angeles Studios, Edinburgh.    Reproduced with acknowledgement to Kerry Alexander, Gracemount, Edinburgh


Bobby Kernan and Friends

Thank you to Kerry Alexander, Gracemount, Edinburgh for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of her grandfather, Bobby Kernan, and friends.

Kerry writes:


"This photo is of my grandad, Bobby Kernan,  and friends.  Bobby is  front right.

I have no idea who anyone else is in the photo, but gran told me this was the day Bobby and his friends enlisted for World War 2.

My gran said the men all used to do this before they went of to war.  My grandad lived in Richmond Street.  I think he lived with his sister, Rosie Kernan."

On the back of the photo is printed:

'6 Sept 1936' (could be 1938)

Los Angeles Portrait Studios

75 Princes Street  (opposite the mound)


Kerry Alexander, Gracemount, Edinburgh:  February 19, 2008.


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