Linlithgow Marches

Postcard - 1913

Linlithgow - Crying of the Marches - 1913

© Reproduced with acknowledgement Ian Thomson, New South Wales, Australia.                                    Photographer not named


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   Linlithgow - Crying of the Marches - 1913 ©


Message from

Ian Thomson

New South Wales, Australia

The Photo

Thank you to Ian Thomson for providing a copy of this postcard with an impressive photograph of Linlithgow Marches, taken in 1913.

Ian tells me that the girl in the middle of this photo, at the front, marked with a 'X' is his mother, then aged seven.

Acknowledgement:  Ian Thomson, New South Wales, Australia, March 12, 2008

Linlithgow Marches

Linlithgow lies about 20 miles to the west of Edinburgh.

'The Riding of Linlithgow Marches' is the annual inspection of the town's boundaries.  It dates back more than 600 years.  The ceremony is still held annually on the first Tuesday after the second Thursday in June.

There are two weeks of events leading up to 'Marches Day'.





Thank you to AG who replied:

Crying of the Marches?

    Linlithgow - Crying of the Marches - 1913 ©

"I would be really interested to know if Ian Thomson's photo of the 1913 event is actually entitled 'The Marches'. It looks a bit like 'The Crying of the Marches', held on the first Friday after the second Thursday in June.

We think we have two family members in the photo, my father and an uncle.

The location is Linlithgow High Street, just to the west of the Victoria Halls. The shop to the right of the photo was a small Café and has continued for over 100 years in the food business, now as a take-away."

AG:  June 17, 2012


I've passed on In Thomson's contact details to AG, so that he can follow up his question above with Ian.

I've also asked AG if he can tell me his name, and if he lives in the Linlithgow area, so that I can give him a proper acknowledgement above.

Peter Stubbs:  June 20, 2012




Danny Callaghan

Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Thank you to Danny Callaghan who replied:

Crying of the Marches?

"I was interested to see the Marches picture above.  I would agree with AG that this looks like the Crying of the Marches which takes place on the Friday before the Marches.

The crying of The Marches is to proclaim to the populous that The Marches are soon to take place. The kids from the local schools generally follow the Town Crier with his accompanying drummer and flutist."

The Town Crier

"Unlike other Town Criers in Linlithgow it was a drum that the Town Crier used to summon the populous, and not a bell.   I have been privileged to have been, for a short time, the Linlithgow Town Crier and to have led The Marches Procession.

The picture certainly looks to be of the 1913 era., I have a similar one from that period.

The Town Crier, standing next to the Halberdier with the top hat, would have been Sam Weir who held the post from 1901 to 1920."

The Four Marys Bar

"This picture would have been one of a series produced by CM Spence, local chemist and news agent and taken from their premises, now the Four Marys bar and restaurant opposite Hutton’s boot and shoe shop."

The Marches  -  Today

"The Marches are held on the first Tuesday following the second Thursday in June and have done so for over 700 years. This year they look place yesterday, 19th June, in lovely sunshine.

 Here is a photo of The Marches that I took yesterday, showing the procession just moving off from the cross on the stoke of 11am, let by the standard bearers and the Linlithgow Reed Band playing the Roke, Linlithgow’s anthem.

Liinlithgow Marches - The procession moves off - June 19, 2012 ©

Here is link to the Linlithgow Marches official web site."

Danny Callaghan, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland:  June 20, 2012


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