Niddrie Marischal School

Football Team

Football Team  1950-51

Nidrie Marischal School Football Team, 1950-51

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Roy Drummond, Canada


Niddrie Marischal School Football Team


Thank you to Roy Drummond, Canada, for providing this photograph of Niddrie Marischal School Football Team.  Roy was the goalie in the Niddrie Marischal team the following year.

Roy attended Peffermill School from 1941 to 1949, then Niddrie Marischal School to 1953.

Acknowledgement:  Roy Drummond, Canada:  August 9, 2008


Roy has provided the names of the footballers in this photo:

They are (left to right):

Back Row

Front Row

D Cropley

A Henderson

W Lennox

S Fulton

J Wright

A Shaw

T Muir

G McKay

R Drummond

D Plenderleith

A Doyle

Roy Drummond, Canada:  February 7,  2008


More Photos from Roy Drummond

Here are more photos that Roy has provided.  Roy Drummond was goalie in all these photos.

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