Parson's Green

Primary School


Parson's Green Class Photo 1938

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Alison Gee, Derbyshire, England                                                          Photographer not known


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    Pupils from Parson's Green Primary School 1938 ©




Alison Gee

Derbyshire, England

née Patience

Portobello / Magdalene

Thank you to Alison Gee who wrote:


"I found this photograph of my late mother, Alice Patience (née Logan).   She died 2014.

My mother is in the  2nd row, 2nd right.  Her best friend  for life, Margaret Melrose, sits next to her 2nd row, 1st right.  Both are wearing large, lovely bows!

They lived on Smokey Row, Restralrig Road South.  The only other person identified in the photo  is Elizabeth Gall, middle row, with blonde hair.

The photo is marked '1938'.  The class is unknown but my mum would have been about 6 years old when this photo was was taken.

My mother was born and lived in Edinburgh, as I was, until 1970.  We then moved to England."

Alison Gee (née Patience):  Derbyshire, England:  12+13+13 November 2017+


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