Parson's Green

Primary School


Norton Park School, Class 3B1 - 1960

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Bill Gall (left end of 2nd row)                                                              Photographer not known


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Norton Park School, Class 3B1 - 1960


Parsons Green

Primary School

This looks like a happy class!  Thank you to Bill Gall for sending the photo to me.  The photo was taken in 1948-49 and the teacher was Mis Sinclair.

Bill wrote:


"I am on the left of the second row.  I think that the girl standing in front of me, on the front row, is Barbara Bachop.  Our teacher was Miss Sinclair.

It would be interesting to know where all the pupils are now."

Bill Gall:  November 2, 2010



Bill Gall

Thank you to Bill Gall who added

School Fire

"The school was at Lily Hill Terrace.  It went on fire in 1958.  I remember seeing the bell tower falling during the fire, from my house at our top flat in Meadowbank Crescent.

It was quit sad to see, as it had been a big part of my life.

There have been houses on the site for a long time now."

Bill Gall:  November 10, 2010




Bill Abbott

West Sussex, England

Thank you to Bill Abbott who wrote:

School Fire

"I attended Parsons Green School in Edinburgh.  Mairi Macnab and I were the top boy and girl. Our teacher was Mr. Mowatt.

We were taken out to a posh lunch and chose a radiogram for a departing headmaster.  I have a school photo, and am sure Mairi will be in it. 

I left Parsons Green, went to Broughton.  I did National Service. spent 40 years in Immigration Service, and now spend my time in West Sussex , gardening and ferrying grandchildren around."

Bill Abbott:  September 30, 2011




Tricia Bey

Drumsheugh, Edinburgh

Tricia Bey wrote:

John Bey


"My grandfather John Bey was, I think, headmaster of Parsons Green School.  He died in 1943.  Might anyone remember him?"

Tricia Bey, Drumsheugh, Edinburgh:  11 October 2015

Reply to Tricia Bey

If you remember John Bey and would like to send a message to Tricia, please email me to let you know, then I'll pass on her contact details to you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  15 October 2015






Elizabeth Bell

Murray Bridge, South Australia, Australia

Elizabeth Bell wrote:

John Bey


"I remember the Headmaster, John Bey, at Parsons Green Primary school.  I have nothing but good memories of him.  I was one of the last folk to speak to him before he was found dead at his desk that morning.

When I read the request above, I tried sending an email to Tricia Bey to tell her what I knew about her grandfather.  Unfortunately, I got no response from her.  Perhaps she is no longer using the email address that I sent my email to."

Elizabeth Bell, Murray Bridge, South Australia, Australia:  28 Mar 2016 + 11 + 12 Jan 2017
Before moving to Australia, Elizabeth lived at Meadowbank Crescent, Edinburgh.
She remembers the sheep and the quarter-mile sledge run in Holyrood Park, nearby.

Message for Tricia Bey

Please email me.

I'm sorry to hear that Elizabeth Bell failed to get a reply from Tricia Bey.

If you read this, Tricia, please email me to let me know, then I'll pass on your email address to Elizabeth, so that she can try to contact you again.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  15 October 2015




Rona Little

Staffordshire, England

Thank you to Rona Little who wrote:

My School

"Parsons Green which was burned down in 1958 was my school, and even my mothers!

I saw the fire, as had just come out Carlton Cinema (which was where Morrison's Supermarket is now). 

I remember my first teacher , Miss Sinclair.  That was in 1949 when I was five years old.  She is in the class photo at the top of this page.

Norton Park School, Class 3B1 - 1960

I also found this photo of the Parsons Green Football Team 1948-49 on the EdinPhoto site. 

My teacher, at qualifying, was Mr McClelland.  He left Parsons Green just as I was going to Portobello Grammer School in 1956."

Rona Little, Staffordshire, England:  9 March 2018



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