Parsons Peebles Ltd

Apprentices, 1975

Bruce Peebles, Edinburgh  -  Winders, 1905

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Siemens Transmission & Distribution Ltd., and to Garry McGravie, Victoria, Australia


Parsons Peebles Ltd

Apprentices  -  1975

Thank you to Garry McGravie who used to live at Wester Drylaw and now lives in Australia for sending me this photograph of Parsons Peebles Apprentices, taken on September 1, 1975.

They are:

BACK ROW:  G. Burnside, A. Guilar,  James Learmonth,  J. McGloclan,
M. Morton

MIDDLE ROW:  Gerry Floyd,  Kenny McKendry,  Larry Cowan,  William Heggie,  Garry McGravie,  H. Mitchell,  A. Day, D. Cummings,  Robert Napier,
 J. Carlin,  Clarke

FRONT ROW (INSTRUCTORS):  Mr Clarke,  Mr McGloclan,  Mr Lawrie,  Mr Millen

Acknowledgement:  Garry McGravie, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia:  January 14, 2009.


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