Peffermill School

Mrs Hutchison's Class  Around 1943-44

Mrs Hutchison's Class, Peffermill School. 1943-44

  A G Ingram.  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Roy Drummond, Canada        Photograph anon. but probably by A G Ingram.


Peffermill School

Mrs Hutchison's Class

Thank you to Roy Drummond, Canada, for providing this photograph of Mrs Hutchison's class.  Roy tells me that the photograph was probably taken around 1943-44.

Roy attended Peffermill School from 1941 to 1949, then Niddrie Marischal School to 1953.

Roy Drummond, Canada:  January 24, 2008


Roy has provided the names of the footballers in this photo:

They are (left to right):

Back Row

3rd Row

2nd Row

1st Row

George Bell

David Howieson

Willie Manson

Stanley Fulton

Jimmy Gourlay

Ian Pennycook

Grant Cunningham

Billy Watt

Andy Downie

Roy Drummond

Jimmy Wilson

Mrs Hutchison

Brenda ?

Jeannie Weir

Alex Bray

Tom Lawson

Wilf Shearer

Billy Doule

George Thompson

Alex Goodall

Jackson Balfour

May Bruton

Sheila Forsyth

Audrey Lawson

Ethel Phillips

Ann Simpson

Annie Milne

Wilma King

Sheila Henderson

Helen Bogue

Agnew Conquer

Jean Lightheart

Lilian Wright

Owen Bogue

Crawford Riddell

Ian Baxter

Elsie Melrose

Billy Norris

James Spanswick

Jeannie McCurdy

Donald McLeod

Norman Rennie

Mickey Collins


Roy Drummond, Canada:  February 7,  2008

Roy added that he could not remember Brenda's surname.  She did not stay long in the class.



Football Teams

Here are two other photos that Roy has provided.  They are of football teams at Peffermill School (1948-48) and Niddrie Marischal School (1951-52).  Roy was the goalie in both teams.

Peffermill School Football Team, 1947-48     Niddrie Marischal School Football Team, 1951-52


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