Preston Street School

Preston Street School  -  Around 1946-47

Preston Street School Class  -  1946-47

  Tempest, St Ives, Cornwall, England.  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Andy and Jean Duff, Maryborough, Queensland, Australia.


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    Preston Street School Class  -  1946-47




Andy and Jean Duff

Maryborough, Queensland, Australia.

School Class

Thank you to Andy and Jean Duff for sending this photograph to me.  (I like the expressions on the boys' faces in the middle row in this enlarged image.)

Jean wrote:

"These are the names that I remember (left to right):

1st ROW
(back row)

1.  Ian Harley

8.  Robert Ritchie

2nd ROW

4.  Robert Montgomery

6.  Ian Harper

7.  Sandy Forsyth

10.  Francis Weir

3rd ROW
(front row)

2.  Barbara ?

3.  Joyce Morgan

4.  Margaret Riddle

5.  Norma Morton

6.  Jean Dalgleish (Duff)

7.  Dorothy Johnston

12.  Ann Cheetan

Jean asks:

"Where are you all now?

Can anybody provide any more names?"

Jean Duff:  Maryborough, Queensland, Australia:  March 20, 2009


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