Preston Street School

Preston Street School  -  Around 1948-49

Preston Street School Class  -  1948-49

  Prophet, Edinburgh.                 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Andy and Jean Duff, Maryborough, New South Wales, Australia


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    Preston Street School Class  -  1948-49




Andy and Jean Duff

Maryborough, Queensland, Australia.

School Class

Thank you to Andy and Jean Duff for sending this photograph to me.

Jean wrote:

"These are the names that I remember (left to right):

1st ROW
(back row)

2.  Sandy Forsyth

3.  Robert Montgomery

4.  Ian Harper

5.  Angus McKay

7.  Francis Weir ?

2nd ROW
(next to back)

4.  Alex (Sandy) Good

5.  Robert Ritchie

3rd ROW

1.  Joice Morgan

2.  Hilda ?

3.  Dorothy Johnston

4.  Jean Dalgleish (Duff)

5.  Sheila Waddel

6.  Norma Morton

7.  Margaret Riddle

4th ROW
(next to front)

2.  Margaret Bunt

5.  ? Johnstone

7.  Barbara ?

8.  Ann Cheetan

5th ROW
(front row)

1.  Ian Hartley

2.  George Johnstone

Jean asks:

"Where are you all now?

Can anybody provide any more names?"

Jean Duff:  Maryborough, Queensland, Australia:  March 20, 2009


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