Preston Street School

Preston Street School  -  Around 1949-50

A photograph  by Prophet of a class at Preston Street School around 1949-50

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ann Blissett (née Mackie), Vancouver.                         Photographer not known: Ref No 19353


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   A photograph  by Prophet of a class at Preston Street School around 1949-50 ©



Ann Blissett (née Meikle)

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Around 1949-50

Thank you to Anne Blissett (née Meikle) for sending me this photo, together with her memories of the class and a list of many of the pupils in the class.  Please see the list below.

Anne wrote:


"Preston St. was a great little school with good teachers, and a headmistress who kept a Sambo bank in her office. We were frequently invited to contribute to it as, we liked to watch the hand disappearing into the mouth with our pennies. Where they eventually went I never discovered."


"There was a set of triplets and a set of fraternal twins in our class.  Two of the triplets left and went to a special school.

It was fun for me to think of the names, and wonder what happened to them all.  I just hope they all had good and, on the whole, happy lives, especially:

-   Billie Lowrie, whom I had such a crush on.

Robert Watson who lived opposite me in Oxford Street.  He was the most kind-hearted mature boy, and would frequently help me deal with my younger brother who always wanted to sit in on my class, and was an absolute pain!!! 

Christina Heyer who was so pretty with her blonde curls, and got the coveted role of the Lady dancer in the Minuet. In a beautiful costume complete with wig and face patches.  I was so envious!!"

Anne Bissett (née Meikle), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:  August 25, 2009

Earlier Photo

Thank you to Anne for also sending me another photograph of this class at Preston Street school, taken probably a year or two earlier, when Mr Munro was the teacher.

I already have several photos of classes at Preston Street school on the EdinPhoto web site, so I have not added this earlier photo from Anne to the site.  Nevertheless, thank you Anne for sending it to me.

Peter Stubbs:  August 30, 2009


Preston Street
Primary School

Around 1949-50


Back Row

Middle Row

Front Row

1 David Thom(p)son
 twin of Pat
? Georgina Telford
2 ? William Hogg Frieda Blairford
3 Billie Lowrie ? Mary Jardine
4 Hugh James Miller Madeleine
5 ? ? Anne Meikle
6 David Elizabeth Chandler ?
7 Richard Dingwall Irene McGovern Christina Heyer
8 George Janet Martin
went to Australia
9 Ronald ? Moira
10 ? ? ?
11 one of the triplets ? ?
12   ? Ruth
12   Robert Watson Pat Thom(p)son
 twin of David

Names provided by:

1.  Anne Blissett (née Meikle), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

2.  Ron Dingwall, Edinburgh.  Ron also told me that his brother Richard
(No 7 in the back row) sadly died in 2005 while lecturing in Japan.


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