Ramage & Ferguson

Shipbuilders & Engineers

Apprentice Joiners

November 1911


Reproduced with acknowledgement to The 1st Leith BB Company Ex-Members' Association.

Thank you to Ian Ross, co-author of the book 'From Humble Beginnings',
for allowing me to see the 1st Leith Boys' Brigade collection of photos.


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   Ramage & Ferguson  -  Apprentice Joiners, 1911


Ramage & Ferguson

Apprentice Joiners

This photograph comes from an album of photos held by 1st Leith Boys' Brigade Company Ex-Members' Association.  The photo was taken on November 20, 1911.

A note in the album says that the man on the left-hand end of the front row is ex-L/Corp William Middleton, discharged in 1908 (over age) from Boys' Brigade, 1st Leith Company.


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