Ramage & Ferguson

Shipbuilders & Engineers


March 1906

Ramage & Ferguson  -  Platers, 1906

Reproduced with acknowledgement to John D Stevenson, Trinity, Edinburgh


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   Ramage & Ferguson, Leith Shipbuilders  -  Platers, 1906


Ramage & Ferguson

Apprentice Platers

Thank you to John D Stevenson for providing this photo of  platers at Ramage & Ferguson, Shipbuilders, Leith, taken in 1906, and for also providing this photo of apprentice platers at the company taken three years earlier.


    Ramage & Ferguson, Leith Shipbuilders  -  Platers, 1906

John hopes that some of the EdinPhoto viewers may have relations who used to work at Ramage & Ferguson and that perhaps one or more of the workers in this photo might be recognised.

Acknowledgement:  John D Stevenson, Trinity, Edinburgh:  September 2012


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