Royal Victoria Hospital

Craigleith Road, Comely Bank, Edinburgh


Royal Vicoria Hospital  -  inside  -  when?

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Kim Traynor:                                                                                 Photographer not known


Royal Victoria Hospital

Thank you to Kim Traynor for allowing me to reproduce this photograph taken inside the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Kim wrote:

"This photo was left to me by my Aunt who died a few years ago.  Her father, who suffered from poison gas in the Great War, was ill throughout the 1920s and was treated at the hospital.

This photo looks to me as if it might have been taken in the mid-1920s.  I think the people in it are  probably 'TB sufferers'."

Kim Traynor, Tollcross, Edinburgh:  September 1+18, 2009

Kim added:

"Having read more about the Royal Victoria on the web, it seems clear from the shape of the ward that it was one of the three specially designed, so-called ‘butterfly wards’  (from their building shape) in the grounds of the Hospital. They were demolished in 1981.

Kim Traynor, Tollcross, Edinburgh:  September 5+18, 2009


Royal Victoria Hospital

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