Royston Primary School

Royston School  -  Around 1939

Royston Primary School Class  -  Around 1939

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Tom McEwan                                                                                  Photographer not named


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    Royston Primary School Class  -  Around 1939


Royston Primary School

Around 1939

Thank you to Tom McEwan for allowing me to reproduce this photo of a Class at Royston Primary School, taken in 1939 or possibly at the end of term in 1940.

Tom tells me that the boy on the extreme right in the back row is Ronald McArthur, the brother of Morag.  Ronald and Morag became the youngest victims of the air raids on Edinburgh when their home at 27 Crewe Place, Pilton was hit, without warning by a bomb in September 1940.

Ronald and Morag were the only children in the family at the time of the bombing.  A sister, Sandra McArthur, was born in 1941.  She later married Tom McEwan who sent me the photograph at the top of this page.

Acknowledgement:  Tom McEwan, March 6, 2011



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