Royston Primary School

Royston Primary School  -  1950

Royston Primary School Class - 1950

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Dickson, Royston, Edinburgh                                                      Photographer not known


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    Royston Primary School Class - 1950




John Dickson

Royston, Edinburgh

Thank you to John Dickson, Royston, Edinburgh, who wrote:

Royston Primary School

"This is one of the photos that was saved when Royston School was demolished.

These are the names that are written on the back of the photo:

-  Frank Hutton

-  Donald Brown

-  Stan Welsh

-  Doreen Shand

-  Wilma Kelly

-  Norria Gillis

-  Irene McGarry

-  Margaret Boggie

-  Danny Robertson

-  Cynthia Tyrrell.

I don't know who's who!"

John Dickson, Royston, Edinburgh:  October 3+4, 2013

Ferry Road House School

Here is another photo from John Dickson, also saved when Royston school was demolished:

Class at Ferry Road House School  -  When might this photo have been taken?

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