Primary School

Around 1969

The Music Club that met at St Thomas' School  -  Photo taken 1955

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Robbie Craig, Dungeness, Romney Marsh, Kent, England          Photographer not known.


Silverknowes Primary School

Thank you to Robbie Craig for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of his class at Silverknowes Primary School, taken around 1969.

Robbie wrote:


"I attended the Silverknowes Primary School between 1967 and 1970, before we moved to Corby.

I had a recent walk in the Silverknowes area and found that the old flats at 45 Muirhouse Park are still there  -  but the old school building has been swept away in the redevelopment of the area following its problems in the 1980s."

1969 Class

"I think would have been taken in 1969.  The wall behind is in the infants part of the school.

I am on the extreme right of the back row.  I can remember some of the names of the other children: Alan, 'Drew, Edward, Norman, Alec, Lynn, Angela, Sharon and Ina,  a name that sticks out because I've never heard of anyone else possessing it ."

Schools Demolished

"I recently found that all the schools I attended (except Corby) have either been demolished or are destined for the chop soon.

If you come across a picture of Silverknowes Primary, particularly from Muirhouse Park, I'd love to get a copy to add to my 'disappearing schools' file."

Robbie Craig, Dungeness, Romney Marsh, Kent, England:  October 8, 2010


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