St Ignatius School


St Ignatius School Class  -   1947

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Peter Nolan, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.                                    Photographer not known


St Ignatius School

Thank you to Peter Nolan, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, for sending me this photo.

Peter wrote:

"This photo is of the Class of 1947 at St. Ignatius school.  Many of the kids lived in the Grassmarket.  The Teacher is Miss Ganley."

Peter has provided almost all the names of the children in this photo:

"-   TOP ROW:
John Deluca,  Danny Curnin,  Jimmy Mattocks,  Alan  Cooney,  Tommy Duffy,  Joe Martin,  Frankie Docherty.

[No Name],  Dominique Verrocchio, Peter Nolan,  [No Name],  Charlie Burns,   [No Name],   Maureen Farnington.

Gracie McCann,  Dominique's Sister,  Isa Cairns,  Margaret and Elizabeth Pelosi,  [ Girl?],  Ina Sharp."

Peter Nolan, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:  March 14, 2008




Maureen Robertson (née Farrington)


Thank you to Maureen Robertson who wrote, naming some of the people in this photo.

Maureen wrote:

More Names

St Ignatius School Class, 1947 ©

"-   TOP ROW:
Jack Conway.

Maureen Waters (next to Charlie Burns), Alan Cooney and Frank Kellagher

Grace McCann,  Vera Flynn, Ruth Meechan, Iris Gordon, and the girl at the end is Agnes Martin.

I thought the girl 3rd from right in this row was Josephine Jardine but I may have it wrong. I think the rest are correct.

Maureen Robertson (née Farrington),  Edinburgh:  25 January 2015



The names given by Maureen Robertson here don't match very well with those given by Peter Nolan when he sent the photo to me. 

I'm not familiar with St Ignatius School, so I cannot comment further.

Perhaps another member of that class might see this page and email further comments to me.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  27 June 2017


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