Workers outside the premises of

David Stevenson

Photo (Process) Engravers


Workers outside the premises of David Stevenson, Photo (Process) Engravers

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Stuart Dalgleish, Falkirk,
 Stirlingshire, Scotland     
                   Photographer not known


David Stevenson

Photo (Process) Engravers

Thank you to David Stevenson who wrote:

"This photo shows what looks like workers standing in a doorway.  Using a magnifying glass, I was able to read the name on the brass plaque on the left hand side.

It reads 'David Stevenson Photo (Process) Engravers'.  You can only see the P of Process but I got the rest of the name from your web site.  There must be a good chance that they are employed with the company."

Stuart Dalgleish, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland:  February 19 + March 18, 2010


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