School Class at

Trinity Academy

4th year:  June 1951-52

Trinity Academy  - 4th year class - June 1952

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Joyce Messer, North Island, New Zealand                      Photographer: D & W Prophet, Dundee


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   Trinity Academy  - 4th year class - June 1952 ©




Joyce Messer

North Island, New Zealand

Joyce Messer began at Trinity Academy in class 1A in September 1948.

Thank you to Joyce for sending me this 1952 photograph of her 4th year class at the school, together with the names of the girls in the photo.  They are (left to right):


Back Row

Middle Row

Front Row


Sheila Brunton

Thurza Hoff

Margaret Heron


Marion Welsh

Ruth Hamilton

Winifred Mackie


Joan Ford

Evelyn McKay

Audrey Soutar


Marian Guthrie

Isobel Todd

Ella Wilkie


Margaret Robertson

Grace Barr

Joyce Messer


Mary Paterson

Patricia Worth

Maureen McOnie


Morag McDonald

Margaret Watt

Myrtle Johnstone

Acknowledgement:  Joyce Messer, North Island, New Zealand August 27, 2008




Brian Swanney

Dunedin, Otago, South Island, New Zealand

Thank you to Brian Swanney who wrote:

1952 Photo

"Sheila Brunton, top left in this 1952 photo, is my cousin.  Though I knew she went to Trinity Academy, this is the first photo evidence I have of her being there.

I also went to Trinity, but not until 1963-70.   Could you contact Joyce Messer, and offer her the opportunity to contact me if she wishes.  [I've done that now, Brian  -  Peter Stubbs:  August 29, 2008.]

Indeed, it's a small world when I see that Joyce is living in North Island NZ and Iím sort of 'just down the road' in Dunedin in the South Island, and yet the link is made through EdinPhoto!"

Brian Swanney, Dunedin, Otago, South Island, New Zealand:  August 29, 2008.


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