School Class at

Trinity Academy

1952  -  Class 2A ?

Trinity Academy Class - Probably Class 2A, 1952

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Eric Arbuckle , Largs, North Ayrshire, Scotland                Photographer: D&W Prophet, Dundee


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   Trinity Academy Class - Probably Class 2A, 1952 ©




Eric Arbuckle

Largs, North Ayrshire, Scotland

Thank you to Eric Arbuckle for sending me the photograph above of his class at Trinity Academy  -  probably Class 2A, photographed in 1952.

Eric has also provided the names of all the boys and most of the girls in this photo.  See the table below.

Eric wrote:


      Trinity Academy Class - Probably Class 2A, 1952 ©

"I was a pupil at Trinity Academy during the years 1950-53.  Here is a photo of my class.  I believe that the photo is of Class 2A, taken in 1952.


I remember these teachers:

-  English: 

-  Miss (Mollie) MacKay


-  Miss Cowper - trilby hats, capes and brogue shoes


-  Mr. (Pete) Hanlon - a Kiwi

-  French: 

-  Mr Drummond  - hilarious depiction of snoring – in French !


-  Miss Hope  -  rather dishy

-  Latin: 

-  Miss McCrae  - Register Teacher of 1B.  She punched the Bible a bit.

-  Maths: 

-  Mr Drummond-  - nicknamed 'Bulldog:  what else?

-  Science: 

-  Mr Turpie


-  Miss Bonnington

-  Geography: 

-  Mr (Big Bill) Campbell  - The pulleys for maps were subjected to daily sabotage – or so it seemed.

-  History: 

-  Mr Scott Allan (Allen?) - He went round the class giving 'Short Note Tests' towards the end of his period.

-  Music: 

-  Miss Munro(e?)  - She let me sing in the choir!

-  PE: 

-  Stewart (Stuart?) Ballantyne (?) - A Boroughmuir Former Pupil

The Belt

I was ‘belted’ by:

Miss Mackay for ‘insolence’ (not guilty)

‘Bulldog’ Drummond for not doing homework (guilty).

'Bulldog' did not stint in his task!  This incident scarred me for life.


In common with the recollections of other contributors, I remember the ‘end of year’ school concerts in the Usher Hall viz:-

-  Weber’s “Invitation to the Dance”.

- Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Iolanthe”  with superb performances from (?) Scanlon (I forget his first name) as Private Willis, and Fergus (?) (I forget his second name) as Earl Tolloller

-  in Coronation Year (1953):

-  The choir's renditions of  “Zadok the Priest” and “Guide me, Oh Thou Great Jehovah”.

Mr Scott-Allen's recitation of “The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God”.

 a minstrel song by Messrs. Redpath & Cowan.

 Eric Arbuckle, Larges, North Ayrshire, Scotland:  October 2 + 4, 2014

Trinity Academy  -  Class 2a  -  1952

Boys and Girls


Back Row

Middle Row

Front Row

on Ground


Moffat Coates

Stuart Milne


Eric Arbuckle


James Miller

Kenny Smith


Alastair Locheil


Graham Mercer

Muriel Brunton

Mary McLeod



Douglas Burk

Pat Morris

Moira Chalmers



Jack Ormeroid

Barbara ?




Duncan Taylor





Ogilvie Tate

Douglas Robertson

Christine Johnston



James Walker

Andrew Doig

Ileane Robertson




Betty Hendry






Eric Arbuckle, Larges, North Ayrshire, Scotland:  October 2 + 4, 2014
with Eric's apologies to anybody whose name he has forgotten or mis-spelt.


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