Secondary School

Around 1946


Tynecastle Secondary School  -  class photo  -  1946

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Aileen Picton


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    Tynecastle Secondary School  -  class photo  -  1946 ©




Aileen Picton (née Connor)

Aileen Picton (née Connor) and her brother, Charles Connor,  attended Dalry Primary School  then Tynecastle Secondary School (see the photo above).

Aileen wrote:


Aileen + Charles Connor

"The two pupils with circles around their heads are myself, Aileen Conner, and my brother Charles Conner. I also recognise a few others, and will pas their names on to you to add to the web site."


"The headmaster are the time was Mr. Paul

The Maths teacher was Mr. Allen

The PE for girls was Miss Dodeswell"


"I enjoyed myself at Tynecastle and did not want to leave, but  left in 1947.  I had a good education and I believe have had good jobs because of this.

Charles, my brother, left 1946.  He and I were also Sports Champions in our time there, but I cannot remember which year.

Charles was dux of the School in 1943.  His name appears on the Dux Board which  I believe, has been transferred from the old School to the new one."

Aileen Picton (née Connor):  March 3 + 10, 2014




Aileen Picton (née Connor)

Thank you to Aileen Picton (née Connor) for writing again.

Aileen wrote:

Secondary School

"Other names that come to mind from when I was a pupil at Tynecastle are:

-  Margaret Aitken

-  Florence Warren

-  Tom Bell."

Aileen Picton (née Connor):  March 12, 2014




Aileen Picton (née Connor)

I emailed Aileen to ask how her brother was Dux of the school as early as 1943, when he did not leave the school until 1946.  (See 'Recollections 1' above.)

Thank you, Aileen, for giving me the explanation below.

Aileen wrote:

Senior Secondary School

"Tynecastle was just a Secondary School at that time, and you only did three years, and that was his final year.

But it was changed to Senior Secondary School shortly after and then you did the 5 years."

Aileen Picton (née Connor):  March 11, 2014

Senior Secondary School

That explanation now makes sense to me!  

Thank you, Aileen,  for pointing out to me the distinction between a Secondary School and a Senior Secondary School in Scotland.

i.e.  In 1943, when Charles Connor became Dux at Tynecastle, he would have then been in 3rd year and in the most senior class at the school.

Presumably it was the following year, 1944, that Tynecastle became a Senior Secondary School This change would have allowed Charles to stay on at the school for a further two years, leaving in 1946.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh, March 12, 2014



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