Secondary School


 Class 2C1

Tynecastle Secondary School  -  1951, Class 2C1

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement Ian C Purves, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada




Ian Purves


Marion Purves (née Fraser)

Waterdown, Ontario, Canada

Thank you to Ian C Purves who for sending me the photograph above, together with these comments from his wife Marion, the third girl from the right-hand side in the second row from the front.

Marion wrote:

Class 2C1

"This photo shows Class 2C1 (2nd Year Commercial Class) in 1951.  These are some of the pupils' names that I remember:

-   Elizabeth Gaiger

-  Betty Thompson

-  Violet Brash.

On the left is the headmaster of that era, Mr Paul, duly dressed as always."

Ian C Purves + Marion Purves (née Fraser), Waterdown, Ontario, Canada:  April 16, 2013


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