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Engineers' Social Club

United Wire Works

Engineers Gather for their Annual Outing to Newcastle

United Wire Works Engineers Social Club  -  Engineers gathering around 1973 for their annual outing to Newcastle.  This photo was  probably taken outside the United Wire Works gates at West Granton Road

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Dave Ferguson.  Photographer not known                                                   Photo taken c.1973


United Wire Works

Engineers' Annual Outing to Newcastle

Thank you to David Ferguson (who incidentally has written several poems about growing up in Granton) for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of himself and other engineers from the United Wire Works Engineers' Social Club gathering, for their annual outing to Newcastle.

Dave wrote:

The Photo

"I think this photo of the United Wire Works engineers gathering for their annual outing to Newcastle would have been taken outside the works gates in West Granton Road, Edinburgh, around 1973.

In the picture from left to right are:

-  Pat McCormack

-  David Cartledge

-  Andrew White

-  Allan Brash

and myself, lighting up."

Dave Ferguson, Blairgowrie, Perth & Kinross, Scotland:   March 15, 2012


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