Wardie School

Class Photograph

Wardie School Pupils  -  Around 1945

This looks like a photo that has seen a lot of use.  I tried digitally restoring it, but after spending an hour on it,
 I decided that I preferred the original photo, complete with all its cracks, fading and other damage (below).

One of the girls in this photo is Judith, 2nd sister of Douglas Roberts
She is 5th from the right in the 2nd back row.  She was born in 1938

Please email me if you recognise anybody in this photo.

Photograph of a Wardie Primary School Class, around 1945

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Douglas Roberts, New Town, Edinburgh


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    A class at Wardie Primary School, around 1945 ©




Avril Finlayson Smith (née Young)

Strathdale, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Thank you to Avril Finlayson Smith who wrote:

Wardie School Class Photo

Around 1945

    A class at Wardie Primary School, around 1945 ©

Two Pupils Identified

"I'm quite sure the girl in the middle of the front row front row, 7th from the left, is Eleanor Annand.  The back of her house looked onto my house.  She  lived in Crewe Terrace and I lived in Crewe Place.

I believe that the boy, 5th from the right on the back row, is my cousin, Billy Law.   I could be wrong about him, but don't think so.  However that was a very long time ago."

Avril Finlayson Smith, Strathdale, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia:  September 1, 2014




Judith Roberts

Holyrood, Edinburgh

Thank you to Judith, one of the girls in the Wardie Class School photo above, for:

-  confirming the names of the two pupils that Avril mentions above


-   naming most of the pupils in this large class.  Well done, Judith, for remembering all those names!

Wardie School Class Photo

Around 1945

    A class at Wardie Primary School, around 1945 ©


of the pupils (left to right)

  Back Row 2nd Row Front Row Seated
1. Robert Linton Catherine Davy Brian Russell Andrew Booth
2. Tommy Scone Dorothy Wilson Teddy Hutchison Gordon Campbell
3. Alex Hardie Sheila McKenzie Ivan Finlayson ?
4. ? Joyce Burns Maddie Gourlay ?
5. Douglas Crawford Joan Hare ? Peter Strachan
6. James Bell Janet McLean Ina Paton ?
7. Ian Leask Margaret Ross Eleanor Annand  
8. Robert Lamb Irene Purves Caroline Velzean  
9. Billy Law Sheila Sutherland ?  
10. Archie Summers Judith Roberts Sheila Grenhill  
11. Willie McClure May Bolton Irene Vincent  
12. Ian Beaton Irene Stark ?  
13. Kenneth Hay Kay Rattrie ?  
14.   Valerie Vickers    


Green:  Avril Finlayson Smith (née Young), Strathdale, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia:  Sep 1, 2014

Red:     Judith Roberts, Holyrood, Edinburgh (via Douglas Roberts,: Sep 16, 2014


 Wardie School Recollections - 1930s

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