Wardie Primary School

Wardie Primary School Pupils   -   Around 1947-48

Wardie Primary School Class - 1945-46

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Robert Bryce, Nyora, Victoria, Australia.                                       Photographer not known

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   Wardie Primary School Class - 1947-48



Wardie Primary School

Thank you to Robert Bryce for allowing me to reproduce the photograph above.

Robert wrote:

Around 1947-48

"I noticed a link on Wardie together with a photo dated 1945-46

Wardie Primary School Class - 1945-46

Here, at the top of this page, is one of my photos, taken probably a couple of years later,  i.e. 1947-48.  You can see the background is the same in both photos.

I'm standing in the rear row, fifth from the left.


My first school was Royston Primary on Boswell Parkway.  I don't now why I was moved to Wardie.

Was it Wardie Academy in those days?


"We left Scotland in 1950, when I emigrated to Central Africa. We lived there until I was aged 26, then I emigrated to Australia where I now live in Victoria, about 85km SE of Melbourne."

Robert Bryce, Nyora, Victoria, Australia, September 2, 2011


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