Which School?

Primary School

Around 1930

Which school is this?   One of the pupils subsequently attended Moray House Secondary School in the 1930s

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jim Irvine                                                                                           Photographer not known.


Which School

Thank you to Jim Irvine for sending me this photo. 

Jim wrote:

Primary School

"My father is second-from-right at the back of the photo above.  He later attended Moray House Secondary School, and is in this photo of their rugby team:

Moray House Secondary School  -  Rugby 1st XV, Season 1937-38

He never mentioned his primary school.  So I don't know if the photo at the top of this page would have been taken at Moray House Primary School.

I wonder if anyone can recognise the blazer badge."

Jim Irvine:  June 24, 2010


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