Duncan's Chocolates

Beaverhall Road, Edinburgh


Around 1927

Beaverhall Road  -  W & M Duncan's Chocolate Factory, around 1927

  Reproduced by courtesy of Phil Wilson

Duncan's Chocolates

Early Days

Duncan's business was established in Dundee in 1861.  The company moved to High Street, Edinburgh in 1884, then to Beaverhall Road, Edinburgh in 1896.

The company later merged with Rowntrees.

Thank you to Matt Rooney for sending me his recollections of Duncans when he worked there..

Matt wrote:


"Duncans were being taken over by Rowntrees Mackintosh when I was there, in 1947Walter Duncan was still to the fore.  He was a drinking buddy of my Uncle Jake

The Story that I got when I started with Duncans was that Walter Started selling Toffee Apples off a cart at Portobello.  The name was W & M Duncans the M was for His Wife Margaret who sadly died."


From 1980s

Following rationalisation of Rowntrees' production in Britain, Duncan's Edinburgh factory was closed in 1987, then re-opened the same year, the company becoming independent again and trading as 'Duncans of Scotland'.

The Beaverhall Road factory was in the Powderhall district of Edinburgh, close to the greyhound and speedway track.

However, in the 1990s, both Duncans and the greyhound and speedway moved out of Edinburgh.  Duncans moved to Bellshill, Lanarkshire.  The greyhound and speedway track has now been replaced by new housing.


The latest news that I have of Duncans (at August 2006)  is:

-  They have been taken over, possibly more than once.

-  They have moved, possibly three times, since leaving Edinburgh.

-  They are now owned by Wilson's of Kendal.

I don't know whether or not chocolates are still being marketed under the 'Duncans' name.


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